★ King Doudou Presenta ★


Whatever you wana call it, Dembow / Trisillo / Son Clave is one of the key rhythms in today's popular music.
One of my favorite use of it is through caribeean music styles like dancehall, reggaeton, dominican dembow…
I've always used it a lot in my productions and here i'm sharing 4 variations around it, unleashing them every thursday starting from July 16th.
Each one of those tracks has it's own different style, seasoned with different spices and they've been carefully tested in various club environments for maximal result, supported and approved by the likes of Toddla T, Branko, DJ Fasta, Uproot Andy ...

For an in-depth of the birth and childhood of the dembow rhythm check those (very) good reads on Wayne and wax and Waxpoetics.

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This one uses the original Fever Pitch riddim stab for a proper oldschool dembow flavour.
I mixed it with various baltimore / jersey club key element like the kick pattern and James Brown famous Think break, just add a fresh argentinian acapella on top of it and you have a party-smasher ! (Original vocals by Seba T.C. & El TAZ)


This one feels a bit harder, when i made it i thought a lot about Raptor House / Changa Tuki from venezuela, or Circuit music from mexico, a harder take on dembow that you could call Makina Latina. Add a few alarm sounds, a bit of drum switchups and lot's of energy and you have the perfect sound to make you move those ass cheeks.
(Original vocals by Tu Papá )

30/07 ALARMA

With Atlanta trap getting lower and lower in Bpm, we have entered dembow territory and can easily switch the drums between both styles. Tripplet trap melodies,808 Mafia Siren sound and a huge reggaeton rhythm builds this aggressive dembow / trap banger.
I know there is a few big projects going on that way coming in the near future and i see it as a huge crossover potential for the Latin / Us scene .

06/08 DANAO

Back in the 90s, Suriname and dutch Antilles immigrants in The Netherlands invented one of the must fun styles of all time,Dutch Bubbling. They were basically playing dancehall tracks at double tempo, using modified turntables, most of those tracks revolving around the holy trinity of dembow riddims : Bam Bam / Poco Man Jam / Fever Pitch. It resulted in a highly danceable mix were dancers can boggle at high speed listening to a chipmunk version of they're favorite deejays. I find that the influence of this style in modern music is really underrated, it gave born to Dutch house, dirty dutch and still resonates in nowadays global bass scene.
The song Danao is a re-version of DJ Moortje's Donna, one of the first Bubbling track by the inventor of the genre, using the 94 song Donna by Singing Sweet and playing with it like craaay.