Universal Serial Blood

Universal Serial Blood is Douster's new EP, a serie of 4 tracks with a very simple sound palette providing super efficiency in the club setup. With the Universal Serial Blood website, the 4 tracks of the EP become the soundtrack of a web experiment, half-way between a futuristic racing game and an interactive- video. Embark for a frenetic ride through Douster’s fantasized view of a trippy cyberspace, earn points by spinning around a track made of usb logos and grinding on rainbow rails while avoiding viruses bombs. This colorful journey isn't vain and will allow you to unlock a free download of the track "Raptor".
The Ep is available in all digital shops but also on a very slick crystal engraved USB Drive containing the .flaac and .mp3 formats of the EP and the HD artwork . Those are Super Limited so cop them while you can !